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Notes from a Leadership Summit

I recently spoke at leadership Summit held online and one of the participants kinds put together an awesome infographic. Awesome stuff!

Perfect Book Description Trailer #2

This trailer is actually a video version of the book description on I was inspired to create this short video by other clips I saw that were quite informative, even though they presented information shared already elsewhere. It has

Perfect Book’s Trailer Video #1

For anyone who has subscribed to the feed for this blog, you may not have noticed that I have put up a trailer for my new book… Perfect Time-Based Productivity. This was a fun video to make, as it involved

My New Book

I have been adding notes here and there in the 2Time ecosystem to let the world know that I am well into my new book, which is called “Perfect Time-Based Productivity: A Professional Approach.” (That is, until I come up

Alpha Efficiency Reviews The Bill Book

Bojan over at the Alpha Efficiency blog just wrote a review of The Bill Book that was very complimentary. According to him, If you want to see new approach to time management, and different kind of book, you won’t be

Locating All the Free Stuff

I noticed that some of the visitors to my site were having a tricky time navigating the content I have made available. While it’s all laid out in terms of the different roles that people play in life, I thought

Free for the Next Two Days!

The Bill Book is once again being offered by for free in its bookstore. Today (May 1) and tomorrow represent the last chance for a complimentary download. So act quickly, and let other people at your workplace, in your

Recent Mentions and Articles

I have been releasing a virtual flurry of content across the Internet, sharing some of the more subtle ideas in The Bill Book. Here they are in reverse order, covering the past week or so. How to do the job

Amazon Store’s Free Promotion Runs Thurs-Sat

It’s not something you’ll see often… but for the next three days is offering Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure absolutely free to the public. Grab your own copy first, and then do a bit of leg-work to get the

Connect with Online Interviews

The blog tour has started with two interviews from fans of the book, and a mention in the press. SOS Blog Andrea Sharb’s blog is written from her point of view as a professional organizer who specializes in corporate clients,