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Coming soon – a short quiz on Time Management 2.0 principles!

pinterest_logo_redWhich major actors would you cast to play each of the major characters in the Bill Book? Click here to see our picks on Pinterest and to add your own!

Flowing v1This interactive assessment on “Flowing” includes some gaming, and is also an interesting insight into Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s research on high productivity moments.

Wilma - a simulation for time clutter advisers 2Time LabsEven if you aren’t a professional time adviser, you may enjoy playing the role of Wilma as she tries to navigate a difficult situation with her client. Click here for this interactive game / simulation that teaches some powerful lessons.


Click on the icon above – Flowing. This interactive assessment made it to our list of fun activities, but it’s also an important new fundamental that we at 2Time Labs are thinking of including in our training.

Capturing AssessmentComplete this online assessment in a key fundamental practice – “Capturing” – and measure your skill against others who are world-class. Be honest!


Video Tutorial from 2Time LabsComplete this self-paced tutorial with 27 videos and you’ll have some solid insights into the thinking that’s at the heart of Time Management 2.0


11 fundamentalsThis is a short list of the principles that lie behind Time Management 2.0. When you’re done, spend some time exploring each of the 11 Fundamentals that make up the structure of all time management systems used by every human on the planet. This version is just about our very first draft completed back in 2005. What do you think?

LibraryThe academic research in time management is hard to find, and there’s just not enough of it. Come and spend time in our index of published papers in the field – it’s the content that we use to expand the boundaries of time management.


2Time labs new2The research that lies behind Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management adventure has been an ongoing effort for over 7 years, and we have conducted most of it in the open, via the blog at 2Time Labs.

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer who delivers time management advice to learner-clients, you will find a developing resource here for your use that’s unique. The MyTimeDesign blog is simply the only resource of its kind.


Linkedin Join us at 2Time Labs DiscussionJoin our open discussion on LinkedIn about matters related to Time Management 2.0. We also have a private group for academics and independent researchers.

We have discussions on Facebook for our live programs (NewHabits), The Bill Book, and Time Management 2.0.

InnerLab from Framework ConsultingEvery 6 months in January and July, we form a new, small team of no more than 10 people to delve into the important questions lurking deep within time management. It’s called the Inner Lab. Contact me to find out how you can apply to be a member here.


The forums on this website have just been started. Join today to follow the threads as they develop.

Research Reports

The New Time Management-Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips 2The New Time Management: Simply Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips

The 6 Surprising Mistakes that GTD’ers Make

8 Edgy Ideas from Time Management 2.0


podomatic thumb_logo_blueNow and then we get in the mood to do a podcast of some content that we have developed. Check out some of our downloadable audio resources here.


Plus there’s more… too much to list here. Use the Your Resources tab in the top menu to narrow your search to your field of interest. Or simply follow your nose! The best way to start is probably with The Bill Book, which pulls many of the ideas from 2Time Labs together into a single narrative.