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Praise for Perfect Time-Based Productivity

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Press Release for Perfect Time-Based Productivity

3d cover of perfect book betterMore demands on your time – that’s just a fact of modern life. You may be doing the job of more than one person and facing an onslaught of information, only to realize that ubiquitous, 24-7 technology has only made things worse. How do you stay ahead of the expectation that you should be able to meet all your obligations, old and new? In the face of these increasing pressures, what do you need to do to maintain your peace of mind?

This book is primarily written for productive professionals who have already found a way to achieve positive results. They aren’t clueless – time is an important concern and they have been able to manage their affairs well enough to get through school, hold a job, keep a family and enjoy life’s benefits. However, if you belong to this group, you may share a concern: how can you be successful in the future, given the hot pace of change you see around you every day? Doing more of the same seems an unlikely answer. So does the conventional wisdom around “time management” and the popular tactic of following one-size-fits-all solutions.

While the book has lots of specific, practical suggestions for new behaviors, at its heart is a four step approach that preserves and builds on the advances that you, as a professional, have already made in your career:

Step 1> Evaluate your current skills against best-in-class standards, discovering strengths and improvement opportunities.
Step 2> Set realistic targets for new behaviors that meet your unique, evolving needs.
Step 3> Create a personalized plan from these new targets that allow you enough time to succeed, by taking small steps.
Step 4> Craft your own habit change support environment.

By the end of the book you will have completed these steps many times, giving you an easy way to improve any skill that’s important to your peace of mind. To complete these steps effectively, Perfect Time-Based Productivity takes you through a broad range of new ideas based on recent research and case studies in fields such as psychology, business process management, adult learning, brain science and industrial engineering.

Part One – You discover the concepts needed to shift from attempting to manage or control time (which is impossible) to managing time demands – the “individual, internal commitments made to complete actions in the future.” Once these ideas are understood, you discover that every person manipulates time demands in similar ways, subject to the limits of human capacity. However, your implementation is unique because in this area of life, humans are almost entirely self-taught.

Part Two – Using a number of forms provided in the book (and available for download) you perform an evaluation of 7 essential skills: Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Listing and Scheduling. Each self-evaluation is the precursor to creating a mini-improvement plan which goes into a Master Plan, made up of small steps, that outlines your improvement journey. It’s one that will change your habits, practices and rituals at a pace that preserves your peace of mind.

Part Three – You’ll learn about other advanced skills and perspectives needed to be effective in today’s world. For example, Flowing – your capacity to be in the flow state defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – is an important skill to master given the pressure to multi-task and become distracted. Also, you’ll learn why corporations are struggling with time-based productivity: they don’t push for the right tools for their employees and have allowed individual effectiveness to become a matter of chance, versus policy.

The book closes with additional resources for already-productive professionals such as Type A business-people, fans of productivity improvement, project managers and time advisers.


Press Release for Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure

New Book Advances Time Management Thinking

Bills Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure sm

Business Fable Describes the Need for Everyone to Design Their Own Time Management System

February 1, 2013-Hollywood, FL-Francis Wade of 2Time Labs today announced the release of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. It’s a business fable set in New Jersey that describes the epiphany and the progress of a project manager and engineer who avoids being laid off by making dramatic improvements in his productivity.

It’s not your usual improvement story of someone following a fixed set of rules set down by a guru. Instead, Bill tries all the wrong things at first, including purchasing a smartphone and rolling back his everyday practices by several years to conform to a book he once read.

He fails spectacularly to make things better, and only comes good when he discovers that he must craft his own approach in order to make the improvements needed to save his job. This he does with a little help here and there from others, but along the way he innovates a new line of thinking that discards the one-size-fits-all dogma that pervades time management books and programs.

When he turns down an opportunity to leave the company for a safer job, it seems stupid, except that he’s hell-bent on saving his colleagues and the firm from ruin. Despite opposition from a formidable and nasty “colleague,” he’s able to take his team of low performers to a new level of achievement by putting in place a system of continuous improvement centered around each individual’s time management skills.

“The story is NOT the point,” emphasizes the author, Francis Wade. “We all need to learn how to upgrade our time management practices whenever we want, in response to a promotion, new marriage, expanded job responsibilities – whatever the stressor might be. Once we learn how to be that flexible, we can expand our capacity by making intelligent upgrades, regardless of the book or program that everyone thinks is ‘IT’.”

Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure demolishes the idea that productivity comes from simply following someone else’ detailed prescriptions. Instead, we must find our own way and this book is a helping hand to everyone who must get better at managing their time in order to satisfy their goals.


Praise for Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure

… an excellent piece of artistic work well written and presented. The main character Bill engages your attention throughout on what turns out to be his roller coaster episodes juggling work commitments, office politics and his home environment. No large scale editing is required as it would be patchy and would detract from the plot build-up.

I… congratulate you on an excellent effort. The story is real and gripping, well structured, well told, full of intrigue and insight, and very useful for everyone in business and in private life.  I think most of your readers will have no difficulty in identifying life situations not very different from those you have sketched.

… an interesting read, educational, entertaining, gripping and at times funny. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this process.

I really like how your portray tech solutions intruding on family life and the impact of bad time management on family life in general. It’s really effective and draws me into the story emotionally.
• The BrainPhone stuff, like all the constant checking of messages, is totally spot-on. Totally relatable.
• You’re really good at conveying realistic emotion, especially through Bill.

I just finished reading the BOOK ! It was awesome . It has a realistic appeal . there were a few edits so you will see a few yellow highlights . I think that this is particularly useful for persons in industry .

Interesting reading!

I love it – on many levels! It’s an easy read with profound and useful messages. The story is timely and relevant, offering concrete solutions. As an urban anthropologist, I watched the characters develop and grapple appropriately with circumstances and human emotions in ways that build character and shift who they know themselves to be.

I am particularly thankful to find the emphasis on the importance of developing an internal sense of responsibility. This is a particular passion for me.

A very enjoyable, readable book. The story moves along and resonates with busy professionals with family responsibilities. It teaches the material in a way that will be long remembered.

You did a great job. I truly enjoyed reading it.

… the book is an easy read, it was coherent and written in simple language that a reader can easily understand. The transition from chapter from chapter I thought was good, in that it flowed well, moving from the scenarios of work to the family.

I really enjoyed reading the book and I’m excited about learning more.

… an amazing book that will make a difference to those smart enough to let it.

Enjoyed the story and a very good job was done on motivating the importance of learning better time management techniques.

Book Blurbs

Finally! An engaging story about time management with flesh-and-blood characters. Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure reads like a suspense novel. You’ll hardly know you’re learning the most organic and flexible system for managing your time that exists. Judith Kolberg, author Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What To Do When Information, Interruptions and Work is Endless and Time is Not

“Francis is unique because he has not only come up with a good time management system for himself, but he has then gone on to dissect what works and then present it to the world in a format other people can directly apply without any prior knowledge.  Yaro Starak,

“Substantial productivity tips packed up and rolled into a superb novel.” – Leon Ho, founder of Lifehack

Reviewer Resources

  • Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. Copyright 2013 by Francis Wade. All rights reserved. Printed in the United State of America. (ASBN BooBA54REO, ISBN 978-1482386349)
  • $8.99 ebook, available on
  • $14.99 paperback, available on
  • 209 pages on paperback