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This book shows you how to get more done, faster and easier, than ever before. Brian Tracy – Author, Unlimited Sales Success

Francis Wade has written a well-researched, practical book that goes beyond time management to help you boost your personal productivity. Perfect Time-Based Productivity offers a step-by-step method for achieving your goals and attaining the next level of success in your life. Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro® and Author, What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, the author doesn’t just deliver winning formula on time-based productivity – he delivers it in a manner that makes it easy to follow and implement. If you’re a time-focused person looking to get more out of the hours of the day, then this book is, well, perfect. Mike Vardy, Author of The Front Nine and Founder of Productivityist

For people who experience “time famine”, with related experiences of pressure, stress, and anxiety, the author offers an achievable path to increased peace of mind. Dr. Kathryn Welds, Organizational Psychologist and Blogger @ Curated Research and Commentary

Perfect Time-Based Productivity stands out from myriad time management books because the author presents a new approach to thinking about and fulfilling time-bound commitments. He offers options tailored to each reader’s individual self-assessment and preferences, rather than prescribing one model for people with varying levels of experience in applying productivity practices. Tony Murphy,

Francis’ book isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to getting more done, nor is it simply a choose-what-works-for-you approach. Instead, it’s a research-based framework for evaluating and improving the way you manage tasks. The author is a thoroughly likable task physician who explains the research, asks you questions to accurately diagnose your problem, and provides a long-term therapy protocol. This book is my prescription for task overwhelm. It works! Melanie Wilson, Ph.D.,

The author has done a huge service to the productivity field, not to mention the average reader who wants to improve his/her skills. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive compilation of research on the topic anywhere else, nor such a thorough deconstruction and analysis of the habits and behaviors that contribute to peak personal productivity. If you study the topic as a student, as a researcher, as an expert in the field, this book is a must for your collection. Maura Thomas, Author: Personal Productivity Secrets, Founder:

The new ideas presented in the book, many of which are grounded in theory and pragmatism, are badly needed by those in the workforce and elsewhere who are either struggling to better organize themselves in relation to the available time, and/or those who are more capable, but still need the valuable information presented in the book, for them to be even more successful, more productive and, of course more healthy! Dr. Ivor Livingston, CEO, StressHealth Solutions International

If you are a professional struggling with challenging time demands, I have some good news for you: the author has written a comprehensive book just for you – busy professional – to bring order and productivity into your life. That way you get the most out of this book. Timo Kiander, Productive Superdad

What is refreshing about Francis’ well-researched approach is that “perfect” time management isn’t about living up to a cultural ideal of the “perfectly productive person” but rather about discovering and embracing the system that is “perfect” for you. Julie Gray, Holistic Time Coach

Francis Wade is one of the few productivity experts out there that “gets it”! He has written a compelling, insightful, and actionable book in “Perfect Time-Based Productivity”. His book provides a unique set of productivity-oriented skills that can be assessed, developed, and customized to meet the unique needs of the individual. These skills are supported by a very comprehensive list of academic sources, empirical research, thousands of hours of training experience, and helpful anecdotes. In his book, he also explains why much of the “time management” advice found on so many blogs, quoted in so many books, or taught in so many courses ultimately fails to achieve its desired results.  He is clear that there are no “silver bullets” and that improving these skills is a difficult and at times a frustrating process, but the concepts, ideas, and resources provided in his book provide a framework that individuals can follow as they embark along their own, self-driven, productivity improvement journeys.

Dr. Michael Einstein is a full-time, business technology professional for a large multi-national corporation who is passionate about researching causes and solutions to e-mail overload.

Perfect Time-Based Productivity presents the problems we face through a collection of vignettes. Each person will likely feel a kinship to several of the characters met. Francis Wade intertwines these vignettes with large body of research in the area of time management, and suggestions for implementing best practice. The “cheat sheets” provide the reader with a blueprint assessing one’s current level and charting a course towards a desired future. Dr. Frank Buck, President, Frank Buck Consulting, Inc.

I’ve been a fan of Francis since I first heard him speak in 2011. The reason? He understands that effective time management and productivity aren’t the result of following the “Top 10 Time
Management Tips” of the day.

Perfect Time-Based Productivity is the natural next step in Francis’ work. Written for the “knowledge professional” this book will help professionals increase their productivity both now and in the future. Using universal fundamentals, Francis guides readers through an evaluation of their current skills and shows them the steps necessary to make improvements in their time management system.

It’s important to understand that Francis is talking about fundamentals and skills, not methods. So the reader gains clarity regarding what changes need to occur. Then they will implement methods best suited to their environment, personality, and strengths. Since each person is acquainted with what techniques do and don’t work for them, it is refreshing that the reader isn’t being asked to utilize approaches that won’t be functional.

Because Francis is asking the reader to change core habits, the productivity gains are maintainable. Furthermore, Francis addresses the need to review the systems periodically. This is crucial in keeping the systems sustainable over time.

In this age of quick fixes that usually don’t stand the test of time, the foundations in Perfect Time-Based Productivity will endure because they are based on both research and individuation.

Get started immediately on your journey to better productivity!

Janice Russell, Certified Organizer Coach, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic

Your book will help many of us to address time management issues and my compliments for your work! Dr. Brigitte Claessens, Assistant Professor at the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology of Radboud University Nijmegen.

Francis Wade approaches how we get work done in Time-Based Productivity by breaking it down into individual components. He well argues that the unit of work is not time, but “Time Demands” – a term and method one can use to frame intentions. Using these units, he structures many familiar components of different productivity systems into a developmental path. He adds self-assessment scales to help guide the reader to form these core habits of productivity.

Examples of considered components include capturing, storing, tossing, developing next actions, scheduling, and more. Throughout, Wade uses examples and characterizations of people with whom he has worked. He backs up his discussion with psychological studies, the thoughts of other well known productivity thinkers, and his own experiences. Kourosh Dini, Author of Workflow Mastery

In “Perfect Time-Based Productivity,” Francis Wade offers a wide range of tools and techniques as well as “cheat sheets” to help you upgrade your time management strategies to fit the current demands on your time.
Elizabeth Grace Saunders, author, How to Invest Your Time Like Money

Francis turns over new ground in this book. He clears the cobwebs away from old time management methodologies and gives us the most current research available so we can change our thinking and practices to manage a world of endless time demands. Nobody is more out-front in this arena than Francis! Judith Kolberg, author, Getting Organized in the Era of Endless.

Many books on time management just focus on a simple process that will supposedly make everything better — just follow these steps and you change years of ingrained habits! Well, it turns out that people are much more complicated than that. Francis does something very smart with this book — he focuses on the core behaviors and lays out a process for working towards those behaviors. His rubrics allow you to see and measure progress as you develop new and crucial time management habits. I haven’t seen this kind of thoughtful road map anywhere else.” Julie Dirksen, author, Design for How People Learn.