There are a number of places on the Internet individuals just like you are discussing the latest ideas related to time-based productivity. (Some of them were set up by me.) On this page, I hope to capture the most interesting and compelling conversations, providing you with a shortcut to stimulating ideas that help keep you up to date and current on the latest research and thinking.

Where can I discuss time-based productivity


Here are the links to each of the forums.

Perfect Time-Based Productivity –

GTD – Google Plus+ –

Time Management 2.0/Linkedin –

Time Management sub-reddit –

Productivity Management and Improvement –

GTD/Linkedin –

Mark Forster –

SkedPal Beta Forum –

Twitter hashtags – #timemanagement, #productivity

David Allen Company Forums –

Productivity sub-reddit –

We also have some forums here at 2Time Labs that serve very small niche audiences for: time management app developers, time management content creators, and time management researchers.

Are there other active forums for discussing time management topics? If so, do let me know.

P.S. It didn’t take long for things to change enough to require an update to the above graphic. Since putting together this infographic I started answering questions on Quora, the social, question and answer website. My posts have gotten a few thousand views in a very short time – here’s my article on the 2Time Labs website with links to some key questions I have already answered. Also, here is a link to all my answers on Quora. They are all related o the topic of time-based productivity.