My New Book

perfect 3d short

I have been adding notes here and there in the 2Time ecosystem to let the world know that I am well into my new book, which is called “Perfect Time-Based Productivity: A Professional Approach.” (That is, until I come up with a better name!)

It’s a book for do-it-your-self’ers – people who are keen to teach themselves the best possible productivity techniques, from the best sources in the world. As such, I’m writing it as a self-help book, with lots of exercises and principles with stories sprinkled throughout that I hope will help illuminate the topic for novice and user alike.

Here’s a mock-up of the cover – it’s not the real thing, just a placeholder while I bring the first draft to completion. To keep abreast of the events leading up to its release in June, make sure that you have downloaded my special report on the home page.

So far, it’s truly an enjoyable process as I delve deeper into several topics than I ever could in my live and online training. There are a number of new concepts I’ll be unveiling, including an entirely new way to look at Time Demands, which played such an important role in Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. Stay tuned…