Recent Mentions and Articles

I have been releasing a virtual flurry of content across the Internet, sharing some of the more subtle ideas in The Bill Book. Here they are in reverse order, covering the past week or so.

How to do the job of two people – an article in the Jamaica Sunday Gleaner

New Adventures in Time Management – a radio interview by Janice Russell

5 Questions for Francis Wade about his New Book – a written interview by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

All About Time Demands – a guest post on Sharon Lowenheim’s blog

How to Take Ownership of Your Time Management System vs. Just Following Along – ProductiveSuperdad – Timo Kiander

Why I’ve decided to downsize my system and quit GTD from another angle – Bojan at Alphaefficiency

The New Lifehacking #2 – How to Understand Your Current System – my guest post on

There are other posts, interviews and radio conversations in the works so stay tuned. It’s an interesting ride as the content is new each time, once we get past the basic preliminary questions.

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