Amazon Store’s Free Promotion Runs Thurs-Sat

It’s not something you’ll see often… but for the next three days is offering Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure absolutely free to the public. Grab your own copy first, and then do a bit of leg-work to get the book onto the PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones of everyone in your life who could benefit.

That includes…

  • your Mom – she’ll enjoy the story, plus she’s been telling you that “one-size doesn’t fit all” ever since you were nine.
  • your kids – they grow up fast, but you might as well have something waiting for them when they get over this gaming addiction… if they ever.
  • your neighbour – the poor guy is just like Bill. He’s been doing the work of three people for most of the year and now they want to rattle his cage a bit. He needs help NOW.
  • your doctor – she needs the hint. Last time you wasted the better part of an hour just waiting.
  • your team-mate – you hate following up after every email but your messages are being buried under 5000 unread emails.
  • your flaky friend at the gym – never shows up at time, if at all. Always looked frazzled. You have wanted to give him/her a little helpful word of advice, and it might be easier if you can point them in the direction of a free book.
  • others… all of them!

It’s just a free book, but it’s kinda cool to have someone approach you years later with words of gratitude because you helped them out at a critical time. Don’t leave them behind. Send them the link –