Ep 33 – How to Find Time to Plan a Business Strategy?

You are in charge of implementing your company’s new strategic plan. It includes some brilliant new ideas which should shake up your industry, and even introduce the world to a new category of products and services.

But you are a bit wary because prior strategic plans barely made it off the PowerPoint pages. They weren’t implemented due to a common complaint – no-one had the time.

You have every reason to be worried, but what should you do about the problem?

Tune into this episode to join me in tackling this wicked problem from two perspectives at once…task management and strategic planning.

I’m Francis Wade and welcome to the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast and the JumpLeap Long-Term Strategy Podcast.

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Show Notes Ep 33

Perfect Time-Based Productivity https://perfect.mytimedesign.com

How CEOs Manage Time (hbr.org) (Nohria/Porter)

Meetingless Meetings Link

How to Deal with Other People’s Weak Time Management Skills – Perfect Time-Based Productivity (mytimedesign.com)

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