Ep 21 – Bad Memory? Or Just Not Strong Enough at Capturing?

You have noticed that as you make more promises to people to get things done, the risk of not delivering goes up. Sometimes, the fact that you made the commitment falls through the cracks…as if it were never made.

Over time, this reduces your effectiveness and your reputation for getting things done. People start to avoid you, seeking out others who are more reliable.

You want to intervene before this gets worse, but just trying harder to remember may not be enough. You want a real solution such that you manually capture new tasks flawlessly, regardless of the circumstances. You want to be someone who never forgets to complete a commitment.

Where can you start to create that kind of track record when it comes to your task management?

Join me on this solo episode as we explore this challenge that affects all knowledge workers.

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Show Notes Ep 21

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