Helping You Perfect Your Digital Storage

Last December, I interviewed Ray Sidney-Smith, an expert on digital storage, on the topic of defining the ideal system for someone’s needs. Prompted by a crash in early 2018, I had searched for advice but found only a hodge-podge of conflicting views.

Certainly no principles which could last longer than the release of the shiniest cloud solution.

Fortunately, Ray is quite the expert.

After about three hours of conversation, I had the raw materials ready to build a quick interactive tool, in keeping with the new ethos of the show. The 2Time Labs Podcast now promises to develop a new tool you can use at the end of every Live Lab. Each Live Lab consists of a series of discussions with an expert who has been invited to help me develop a practical solution.

That’s where the trouble began. I began a search for a chatbot built for learning and instructional purposes. That took a few months and when I settled on Twine, I had no idea it would be so hard to use. After a several false starts and lots of edits, I completed the task in early May.

Here is a page of links to the podcasts, tool and a video tour of the tool.