45. New Thinking on Time Demands

In the middle of writing my new book – Perfect Time-Based Productivity – I had a problem – the model I use for describing time demands wasn’t robust enough to describe the role that time demands play in our lives. I wasn’t panicked – in the back of my mind I knew that one day I’d write “The Book of Time Demands” and have time to explore this single topic in full.

After a few days of struggle, I gave up, and took on exploring the Advanced Model for the first time in my new book.

I think the result was quite a useful one, but I am quite biased. Neither what I now call the Simple Model nor the Advanced Model are concepts I have ever seen described in the books or programs I have seen.

But leave my opinion out of it – you be the judge. Here’s the podcast.

But there’s more… I actually put out in public a draft of the book’s chapter that distinguishes the two models in depth. Bear in mind, I’m trying to describe a psychological object that we treat in an unusual way. Our actions actually transform time demands from one state to another… but that’s enough detail.

Here is the link to my information page on Time Demands that’s now been updated.