The Foundation Ideas Behind the Latest Training

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How can you implement new ideas when you don’t know where they’re coming from? They seem to make sense, but you can’t examine their sources to see if they make sense so how can you really know?

In this series of 16 (short!) Medium articles, I look at the ideas behind the Rapid Assessment Program.

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I share the science behind several conclusions about how people need to go about making improvements. Since then, I have worked to craft some bridges in everyday language between this research and the steps people should take to become better.

The result is a series of 16 posts on Medium, each of which outlines a different idea. Some of them may be familiar to you from my book, but others take things a step further.

You can find them all here, and I recommend that you read them in order given as there is a progression of ideas in which the latter articles use earlier ones to make their points.