How my book can help app designers

When I wrote my book, I had a hunch that it could prove to be useful to designers of productivity apps, devices, planners and other aids. I didn’t exactly know how, but I saw instances where a poor understanding of time management fundamentals led to unworkable designs.

Now, a few years later (and after a few hundred hours of consulting sessions with clients) I have a much clearer picture. It’s so different, I am compelled to update my book with all that’s been discovered since it was published.

My article on Medium is an example – What Task Management App Developers Can Do to Catch Up with Pokemon Go.

It pulls together several lines of thinking together to explain why task management apps are so very dry, in contrast to computer games which are so engaging. It offers solutions that I have only discovered from working to improve software solutions with designers who are trying quite hard to please their users. Their goal, I believe, is to convert them into game “players”, and all that implies.

Take a look – it’s quite a deep dive… a plunge some say they are happy they took.