The Warned and Informed Selves

Top productivity today means setting up ways to manage specific kinds of information.

In the prior article on the Interrupted Self (part of The Notified Self), I described the need to set up interruptions so that you never run late or miss a task or appointment altogether.

In these two articles on the Warned Self and Informed Self, I take things a step further.

You also need to set up alarms and alerts that tell you when a part of your overall system is broken. Furthermore, you need new ways to deal with the deluge of data you are being fed on an ongoing basis. It’s grown to the point where you cannot data-mine all of it for useful insights, even if you think it might hae some answers.

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity I introduced these ideas via the practices of Interrupting, Warning and Switching, and these articles take a big step forward to create one result – The Perfectly Notified Self.

I hope you find these new articles to be useful. The provide some evidence that I need to get into my book to update it with the latest research.