The Notified Self is Now Launched

Notified Self - 2Time LabsEver since the completion of Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I have known that I left some gaps in its coverage of the 11 Fundamentals.

If you have read the book you may have noticed – I have lots of detailed experience from classes teaching the 7 Basics, but little to show from teaching the 4 “Advanceds.”

It’s no accident. When the recession came on, I had to cut the NewHabits-NewGoals training into a single day from two. The end-result is that Switching, Interrupting, Warning and Reviewing have not been taught live for some time. So, my own learning in these areas simply has not kept pace with what’s happened in other areas.

Until now.

After thinking about it for some time I got a bit inspired to define a new end-point – The Notified Self. It’s a destination for most of us where we are perfectly supported by our ecosystem of devices, which are giving us the alerts, notifications, updates and interruptions we need to run our lives.

I’m hoping it will do a couple of things: one is to build on the fine start  given by the Quantified Self movement which has focused on data collection and analysis. The other goal is to help developers invent apps and devices that empower rather than overwhelm us. This isn’t an easy goal and I am hoping that a deep dive into this topic in this article on Medium will help: How to Organize Your Notifications to Accomplish the Perfectly “Notified Self”.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments.