Can Time Be Managed? A Project Nears Completion

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I glossed over an assertion that’s been made by a number of notable people, including David Allen, Dr. Brigitte Claessens and Earl Nightingale. It boils down the following:

Time cannot be managed, therefore time management is impossible.

In both my books I openly agreed with them and many others who have echoed the sentiment. However, what has been missing from the popular discourse and academic research is any evidence to support the statement. I can this with some confidence because, for the past year, I heave performed a sustained search.

In fact, I found so little direct evidence that I decided to provide my own.InnerLab from Framework Consulting

Every 6 – 18 months, I invite a number of thought leaders to gather together in order to delve into a single topic related to Time-Based Productivity. Initially, I dubbed the group The InnerLab and in the fifth iteration which ran from January 2105-June 2016 , we focused on this statement.

With the help of my colleagues, I produced a draft report: Can Time Be Managed – An inquiry into the definition of time-based productivity.

It’s nearing can time be managedthe time for its release in September and I am eager to get others involved, including editors of its ideas, logic flow and grammar.

If you are interested, do let me know and I can promise that you’ll be mentioned in the Acknowledgements.