Scheduling a Great Life

scheduling timeWhile it’s commonly known that superior results require an investment of time, very few professionals go the next step and actually block out the hours in their schedule to produce these results. Instead, setting a vague intention is often felt to be enough. This example taken from successful marriages is one that applies to every company that wants more than mediocre performance.

Dr. William Harley is a relationship counsellor who repeats his unpopular advice to couples in trouble: you must spend 15 hours per week together if you hope to maintain a healthy relationship. He reports that his advice is usually met with scorn, especially when he explains that the time together must be spent awake, and free of distractions, so that a real conversation can occur. His clients often do a quick calculation before arguing right back – “That’s impossible” they say. “There’s no free space for that,” they complain, pulling out diaries and smartphones which are already, apparently quite full.

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