Guest post – How the Already Productive Make Improvements

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the Psychowith6 blog, courtesy of its author Dr. Melanie Wilson. It addresses the need to understand your time management biography as a first step to making improvements as someone who isn’t a novice to time management.

How Do You Make Improvements When You Are Already Productive?

When you are someone who is already more productive than most people you know, how can you still make improvements?

At first it may seem to be an easy question to answer: just browse the Internet, pick out a bunch of websites or books and find some tips, tricks and shortcuts. Try a bunch of them and see what works.

If you are someone who has lots of time on your hands, this approach might bear some fruit. In times past, when there were only one or two credible resources available, you had no choice. Now, however, you have a plethora of advice at your finger-tips, but no way to choose between different sources. Therefore, you waste a lot of time in your attempts to get just a little bit better.

Is there a better way?

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