Even Better Habit Changing

One of the challenges most people have when they read and start to apply Perfect Time-Based Productivity is changing their behaviors.

They may have the followed all the right steps and have a perfect plan mapped out in small steps. As I recommend in the book, each phase might appear to be reasonable, and doable.

However, their skills at changing their own habits may be woefully undeveloped, which guarantees failure, in spite of doing every other thing the right way.

Unfortunately, we have never been taught how to develop ourselves in terms of our habits and practices, even though most of us haven’t stopped learning and growing.

In this article from Psychology Today, Gregory Ciotti points out that changing your habits is far more important than trying out one lifehack after another. He quotes BJ Fogg, who I also quote in my book about the need to make habit change easy by altering your environment.

He echoes some of my own thoughts written up long ago in 2008 as a manifesto on Change.org – “The New Time Management – Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips.”

The New Time Management-Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips 2Have a look – it’s a great article than can only help all of us make smoother habit changes. after you have read it, how do you think you can use its insights to make progress in upgrading your system?