The New Alpha Efficiency Magazine

I just read the Platinum issue of an interesting new magazine now available on iTunes: the Alpha Efficiency magazine.

The first issue focuses on the key skill of what they call “Collecting” which is very similar to what we call “Capturing” in The Bill Book.

Usually, productivity magazine consist of little more than a hodge-podge of articles on everything related to productivity, with little rhyme or reason and an annoying variation in quality and depth. This magazine, however, is attempting to do something quite different – a deep dive into a single topic in which everyone at any level of skill can gain some benefit.

It’s a great start and makes me excited about future editions as they work out some of the kinks and keep their focus on deeper than average themes.

Also, it’s clear they aren’t trying to be a me-too publication in which they push a particular philosophy in order to sell books or software. They are interested in helping people and it shows in their insistence that one size cannot fit all. That’s a refreshing step towards an acceptance that each person must forge their own path, and it’s easier to do so with the best thinking available wherever it may come from.

Hats off to Bojan, Darren and their crew – can’t wait to see how it rolls out. Here’s the link again.