What Happened to the 7 Ladders?

file0001618868344In The Bill Book, much was made of the 7 Ladders method co-invented by Bill and G. It described 7 practices that lay at the foundation of the way human being manage their time, and the fact that they represent an inescapable part of each person’s daily activity.

The fact, outside of The Bill Book there is no such thing as the 7 Ladders, per se. Instead, here in the real world, they are known as the 7 Essential Fundamentals.

In the book, I used a slightly different metaphor because I wanted to paint a picture of a steady climb from one level to another in different skills, and that it’s possible to focus on a single skill at a time in order to make overall improvements.

So, the answer is that nothing happened to the 7 Ladders – they are available in plain sight here on this website with a slightly different name.