What to Do If You’re a Tip-A-Holic

Early on in the Bill Book, the protagonist throws aside a how-to book he picks up in the airport. It’s filled with tips, tricks and shortcuts – a random set of improvement ideas.

There are some who are addicted to the search for these bits of wisdom, hoping that they can be assembled into a permanent solution. It’s an awfully difficult route to travel, as there are millions of tips floating around the Internet each day. Trying to find the best ones to implement is like searching for a needle in a haystack. and the truth is, Michael Jordan or anyone who has accomplished a high level of skill in any area didn’t get to be great because of their ability to Google the latest tips.

There’s a better way, and The Bill Book describes the protagonist’s imperfect journey to permanent improvement.

To help illuminate some of the lessons he learned, I recently launched a series of articles on Lifehack.org. It’s a 7 part series and first is titled: The NewLifehacking #1 – Why You Should Stop Feeding Your Addiction to Tips.