The Inspiration Behind “The Bill Book”

Why did I write The Bill Book? What possessed me to give up quality sleep and set my alarm for 3:00 am each morning just for the opportunity to get up early to tackle another chapter fueled by Jamaican coffee (Instant!)

I provide a part of the answer in the Preface to the book. I have used all the other channels available to me in an instant – blogs, videos, tweets, podcasts – but all of them suffer from not being able to develop a complete argument in a single place that can’t be summarized in just a few words. My mission has been to make time management learning easy for everyone, for ever, and the need kept growing for a single source of answers that anyone could pick up and access.

Someone who picks up a book is making a different commitment than when they click on a blog post, and a book happens to be a great carrier for a long message.

Also, I realized that a story would be a cool vehicle to get the point across in a way that could be interesting but non-threatening. To reiterate what I said in the Preface, The Goal by Eli Goldratt made a profound impact on me at a young age and it was easy to choose that particular genre once I knew that I wanted to wrote a book.

That’s not to understate how hard it was to learn to write a novel. That’s a topic for a different post on obstacles I had to face in getting the book done!