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Update on Writing a New Edition

It’s time to get to work on crafting an updated version of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Why? Here are a few reasons. Reason 1 – No longer following my own advice Shortly after my book was published in November 2014, I

A Mind Map of Perfect Time-Based Productivity

Eric Bouchet is no casual reader of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. He’s a French native who has a real passion for productivity. Over several weeks, he went through the book in detail and converted the concepts into a mindmap which can

Guest post – How the Already Productive Make Improvements

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the Psychowith6 blog, courtesy of its author Dr. Melanie Wilson. It addresses the need to understand your time management biography as a first step to making improvements as someone who isn’t

Lesson in Behavior Change Training from The Bill Book – ASTD 2013

If you are a training administrator or corporate trainer, you may be interested in a presentation I gave at the recently concluded ASTD International Conference and Exposition in Dallas. You can find a summary of the presentation here – on