In The Bill Book, the two characters with the strongest entrepreneurial/executive tendencies were Nick Holleran and Andre Anderson, the CEO’s of Syscon and RingCORE respectively.

Their needs were quite specific. They needed to produce results as quickly as possible and were always on the lookout for shortcuts that would deliver the numbers they needed.

Theories were all well and good, but are not their primary interest.

If you are a hard-driving entrepreneur, executive or up and coming professional, you may find yourself in this small and exclusive group that is always on the lookout for advantages that feed their competitive nature. Here are some ways you get some immediate opportunities for improvement.


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MTD Plus v2Start learning how to do upgrades immediately by taking my 12 Lesson online training – MyTimeDesign Plus+. This program is a deep-dive into the methods you need to master in order to upgrade your system whenever you want. You’ll actually undertake a series of upgrades that you define as a result of this program.




Video Training

Video Tutorial from 2Time LabsSpend a couple of hours watching my video tutorial. It’s made up of 26 videos, most of which are under 4 minutes in length. You’ll get an immediate understanding of the essential thinking behind our work at 2Time Labs.