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EF You’ll also discover an astounding fact: you started creating time demands a short time after discovering the concept of time, between the ages of 7 and 10.

EF Humbled (any a bit humiliated),

EF ground.<  >The real ground.”

FW – It cam in just ahead of “Problems with finances.”

EF upgraded.<  >  While you are


EF Her email Inbox has 2,500 <>waiting /// self efficacy / well formed


PG 03 There’s BOTH benefit

PG 03 have THE patience to do that

PG 03 hand and OF new learning opportunities


PG 04 entitled Micro-Promises: A Theory of Promises .  [W1]No longer available at the URL you give. It is now a book for purchase.

PG 04 proper care, THEY can disappear

PG 04 we discover their fragility and realize

PG 04 any of these brain functions ARE impaired,

PG 04 everything about how THE brain stores time

PG 04 directly affect ON our ability to process them


MG didn’t recognize to this distinction.

PG Between the two of them, they managed almost thirty employees


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JR – Remember, Dismuke’s work is meant to improve the way pilots undertake time demands while they are in the cockpit, so its findings are directly related to saving lives. While our jobs might not involve these high stakes, we are still subject to distractions. For example, participants in my training have shared times when they pulled into their driveways after a hard day at work, only to realize that the kids weren’t in the car – they had been forgotten at school.

MG 13 National Transportation <AND> Safety Board (NTSB)

MG 13 Dallas Forth-Worth

MG 13 be slotted directly inTO the scheduled activity

MG 13 defined as safe <> keeping of



JR Figure 14-1 — Monday 10:30 – Morning team meeting (you repeated ‘morning’)

JR Figure 14-2  Column 1, Row 5 – Lists that serve psychological purposes. (Either remove the ‘use’ here, or add it to each of the other items in Column 1)

JR – We’ll look at ways to create a single realistic plan Master Plan that has much higher odds of success.

JRIn <the>chapter on <F>lowing, you’ll look at one of the reasons why pre-planning your time allows you to operate at your very best.

JR Ariely defines it at as a “time-inconsistent taste for immediate gratification.”

JR series of deadlines< >focuses the mind, preventing the kind of last-minute rush that can be so detrimental.

MG  – hides or forces the user <> keep in mind.

MG been in Jamaica for less than a month (should that be  ‘year’ ?), and she had arrived a month after me

MG Also, a lot of data shows that complex time demands are easier


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SM – Instead, it is better to finish what she was already doing

SM method  to identify improvement opportunities.

SM – between one change or another.

DW that that


JK – Setting them up ahead of time allows you to prepare for future mishaps.


JK – employing its far-reaching capabilities to seek and find stimulation

JK – It’s not as if they were creating an inherently dangerous product, like a new drug

DW 20 <writing> blog posts, newspaper articles, YouTube videos and a webinar on the topic of making the smartphone choice.

DW no proof of standard of measurement.

DW that that

DW If what want doesn’t exist,

DW Your Master Plan can also tell you what do


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LG (In which you discover the tools we need to manage time demands and why they don’t exist).

LG – Every day, many professionals struggle to keep time demands alive with hardware and software that ,is supposed to> meets our needs.

LG – The data show a great

LG – Each of these users should be able to customize the interface so they are presented only with features they actually use.

GD – The use messages as viausla cue

BW 22 standalone <from standalone>

BW 22 management efficiency.<“>

BW 22 behavioral differences is largely unexplored”<.>

BW 22 – “Without being given the right tools, “people will be forced to live a ‘default life’ dictated by their tools.”


 GD The recession convinced that

GD friends of family

PG – So far, the split between the two groups at Google is approximately 21% to 69%, as most people fall along a continuum between the most extreme behaviors.







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