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Frequently Asked Questions: Start Here This book is about bringing peace of mind to your life. But first, you need to be at peace with this book. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you might be asking. Why do I need this? …

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An in-depth evaluation

You’ll complete the book with an in-depth, 13-point self-evaluation of your current setup of behaviors and technologies. This knowledge will help you appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the system you have developed and currently use. This deep appreciation is key to making improvement. All …

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“This book is, well, perfect.”

– by Mike Vardy, Founder, Productivityist

How do you respond in fast-changing times when life demands more of you than ever before? In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, you’ll learn that your current methods won’t be sufficient for very long: the future belongs to those who can make smart, continuous changes to their habits, practices, apps and routines.

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