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A Master Scheduler or Advanced Scheduler is someone who has made a big shift in their approach to managing time demands. Instead of using their memory, a single ToDo list or even multiple ToDo lists, they have completed the transition to using a single calendar or schedule.

If you happen to be one of these rare individuals, you probably aren’t using a paper calendar. Instead, you have harnessed the power of technology, using an electronic calendar with mobile access.  You have a clear goal – it’s to manage as many time demands as you can, without missing deadlines or seeing any of them disappear into the cracks.

In your mind, managing a great number of time demands equates to getting more done, but not just for the sake of doing more. Instead, you are an ambitious, goal-driven person who works hard and has a creative mind that comes up with lots of stuff to do – more than the average person you work with on a daily basis.

You may consider yourself to be a bit strange, and so may other people… but that’s OK. You’ll fit in…. because this community is meant to be a home base for people like you (and me.) We know that what gets scheduled gets done, and we use our calendars to manage all our time demands. Luckily, the technology is evolving rapidly and so are our capabilities – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for this particular skill.

Unfortunately, lots of people have tried to schedule all their tasks and failed, but if you read on you will see that your timing is impeccable… help is on the way.

Critical Update – Dec 2015

skedpalWhen I first conceived of this community, I had never heard of SkedPal. Now that I have, it’s completely changed the way I do my scheduling. so I have changed a few things to support our community.

SkedPal is an auto-scheduler. It optimizes your calendar with the click of a button. This is no random process. It uses your input in the form of some attributes you already use such as priorities, projects, duration and due dates.

But there’s a huge addition, which is one that SkedPal has patented.

It’s called “Fuzzy Planning” in the patent application and it translates to a tool called a “Time Map.” As you use SkedPal you create a number of Time Maps, each customized to one of your preferences. When you create a task, you assign it to one of your Time Maps so that when SkedPal reschedules your calendar, your unique preferences are used to optimize the final result.

I was quite skeptical when I heard of this new approach… but I invite you to try it for yourself.We have a new place to gather – a SkedPal forum. Even if you never use the program, we’ll be discussing the nuances of using a calendar to manage all our time demands.

We have a community that can help – a SkedPal  Beta forum. Here, we are having a unique discussion about using SkedPal to optimize our calendars. (Now and then we look at other similar tools such as Timeful, which was bought by Google last year for several million and promptly (and quietly) withdrawn from the market. Even if you never use the program, we’ll be discussing the nuances of using a calendar to manage all our time demands.

Jump in and get and give help to others of like mind – this is a private Beta I happen to be hosting. I promise to only send you information related to this particular technique in the hope to deepen your proficiency. If you have read my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, you know that these skills aren’t developed overnight and they take both the right commitment to practice as well as the best tools that fit your specific needs.

This change has made such a difference to me – I use SkedPal every day and need to update my book with the latest possibilities it creates.

Fill in the form below and hit the “Join” button. I’ll send you the instructions on how to join the group in your first email.

Further Update 2018

SkedPal has exited Beta and is now commercially available. There is a very active forum of users which you can join at the company’s website. If you desire further insight in this area, check out my website formed for this purpose: