In the book, G played a critical role in Bill’s development. He helped to accelerate his learning at a time when nothing else seemed to work.

The same is true for Xavier Kripanali, whose MTM system helped Bill to survive the move to Florida. Vernon attempted to play this role without success, due to his lack of skill at time management coaching.

If you are a coach, consultant, professional organizer or trainer, then I consider you to be a time management (or time clutter) adviser. This niche is one that people come to from other helping professions; there is, after all, no training that I’m aware of  in how to be an adviser in this area, let alone a degree, diploma or certificate program.


MyTimeDesign website 125

My blog at the MyTimeDesign website includes many breakthrough ideas on how to work with clients in the area of time management.





Wilma - a simulation for time clutter advisers 2Time Labs

  The Wilma simulation was prepared for a workshop I led at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization’s (ICD) Annual Conference in September 2012. It’s included in the BabySteps training in a modified form that emphasizes discussion questions that are answered by class participants. Click here to see how you do helping Wilma navigate a relationship with an old client who needs time management training.



Train the Trainer/$

Effective Time Mgt AdviserI am part of a team that is putting together the first known designation – The Certified Time Management Adviser. The following steps are being contemplated:

1. An entry level time management training program like MyTimeDesign Plus+.

2. Training in how to coach on time management effectiveness, such as BabySteps online.

3. An online test, plus a minimum number of practice hours.

BabySteps Online from MyTimeDesign


Baby Steps currently exists as a live program. It was first delivered at the ICD Conference. An online version is currently being developed for release in 2013. For more information about these programs, contact me directly.



Public Training/$

MTD Plus v2

This 12 Lesson training takes you through an entire upgrade cycle covering all 11 Fundamentals. Click here for more information.



Public Training

Video Tutorial from 2Time Labs

This free training will take you through 28 short videos that cover all aspects of Time Management 2.0.





Assess Your Skills as a Time Management Adviser

This 47 question self-assessment will reveal some of the finer skills in time management / time clutter consulting, and at the end it sends you a report on how your skills compare against those that are best-in-class. Click here for more information.





Linkedin Join us at 2Time Labs DiscussionJoin our discussion forum for all matters related to Time Management 2.0 on Linkedin.