There are a number of places on the Internet individuals just like you are discussing the latest ideas related to time-based productivity. (Some of them were set up by me.) On this page, I hope to capture the most interesting and compelling conversations, providing you with a shortcut to stimulating ideas that help keep you up to date and current on the latest research and thinking.

The main destination is our private community – Mighty-Taskers.

We also have groups on Linkedin and Facebook, but these are becoming increasingly inactive.

Other Groups

There are a number of other forums and communities on the internet.

Productivity Management and Improvement –

GTD/Linkedin –

Mark Forster –

David Allen Company Forums –

Q&A Sites

Some sites are built as venues for folks to ask and answer questions.

Time Management sub-reddit –

Productivity sub-reddit –

Here is a link to all my answers on Quora. They are all related to the topic of time-based productivity.