Click here to access the webinar at 1pm Eastern, Thursday Nov 16th

What’s the best way to determine what your next task management upgrade should be?

Some say it’s a matter of just doing what everyone else does. Some recommend following a time management guru and copying his/her choice of system. Others describe different ways to do Google searches…

Finding the right way is more than a convenience. Managing more tasks effectively is the key to making a difference at the highest levels, fulfilling dreams locked into the limits of time, habits and talents. Going past your limits can only happen if you keep expanding the boundaries of what you can deliver to your commitments, projects, family and entire life.

In this webinar we go much further than anyone ever has and recommend that before you make this important decision, you need some important insight into your own methods.

I’ll share with you some recent tools we have developed here at 2Time Labs that can help. They are unique, and so are you: at the end, they give you a precise understanding of yourself that targets paint points and areas of improvement which can be surgically addressed.

Also, in addition to free tools, I will be unveiling the new learning platform for MyTimeDesign Plus+ and show how you can use it to expand the very definition of what is possible for you.

Join me on Thursday, November 16th at 1pm Eastern.


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