Welcome to some additional learning on the skill of Capturing here at 2Time Labs. I’m Francis Wade, and I’ll take you through a mini version of the lessons shared in chapter 7 of my book (Perfect Time-Based Productivity) and also in my MyTimeDesign Plus+Training.

As you probably know, the Capturing Review was an opportunity to get a quick idea of your current skills. For our next step together, set that result aside as we are about to complete a far deeper assessment.

New Terms

Our research at 2Time Labs has shown that there are a number of new concepts which are required to master techniques like this one. They are necessary to distinguish old concepts from new ones which have emerged recently.

For example, in this lesson, you’ll use the following concepts: time demands, potential vs. actual time demands, capture points,  manual vs. automatic capture points. They were each described in the audio from the ProductivitySummit review on Capturing.