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3 comments on “Thank You!
  1. Gemma says:

    Dear Francis,

    I am anxious to read your latest book on Time Management. Your material is beneficial to me especially in my line of work which is stressful.

    One question, if I am interested in your book,is there a timeframe to access/purchase?

    I know the material will benefit me because I am familiar with your work.


    • Francis says:

      Hi Gemma!

      Great to hear from you!

      This book is actually an update of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. It’s going to very familiar if you have a copy, but important parts will have brand new content.

      For example, in the first edition, I had no idea what an auto-scheduler was and how it worked. Now, I use one every single day – a massive change in my habits.

      If you purchased the old version on Kindle, then you will receive the new one for free via Amazon. Anyone else who has a copy and wants an update can contact me directly.

      All the best – thanks for the comment!


  2. Carol Anne Agard says:

    Thanks for confirming my request for information

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