Current Bonuses

If you have purchased Perfect Time-Based Productivity, you can claim the following bonuses. Act quickly to contact me via or by sending email to because this list is rapidly changing.

As of January 1, 2015

  • A 24 page Summary of Perfect Time-Based Productivity ($5 value)
  • Full access to a quick and dirty assessment of your skills in the 11 Fundamentals ($7 value)
  • A Workbook for Perfect Time-Based Productivity (in production) ($12 value)
  • A serialized, free version of the audiobook (in production) ($18 value)
  • Entry into a random draw to win a copy of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time-Management Adventure ($3 value), my self-paced online training – MyTimeDesign Plus ($49 value) and a 30 minute coaching session ($150 value)

Time is of the essence – please contact me before these bonuses reach their expiration date.


2 comments on “Current Bonuses
  1. Glen Sharp says:

    How is it going Francis?
    Can you send me your bonuses from your latest book?
    Let me know if you are ever travelling to Canada.

  2. Mmm, interesting process here. First time I’ve needed to jump through this many hoops, but I did enjoy your video – so, I’ll play. I would appreciate receiving your bonuses.

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