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Update on the Second Edition

I have good news! The second edition of Perfect Time-Based Productivity has just been released via Kindle. I expect that it will be made available in other media/languages according to the following schedule: Jan 31st: Print version Mid-Feb: Audio version

Optimizing Your Time… What’s the Best Way?

Recently, over at the 2Time Labs blog, I wrote an article about optimizing your time. It’s an interesting read and it’s gotten a bit of traffic – if you have already completed the book it may explain a few of the

The 6 Modern Symptoms of Ineffective Time Management

In the past, the signs of ‘poor time management’ were obvious, but in today’s age of the “always on” mobile Internet, you could be suffering from the modern symptoms afflicting knowledge professionals. Many years ago, time management problems were easy

Difference #2: The Power of Storytelling

There aren’t too many books on quintessential topics like time management that are written in the form of a story. Why did I choose to put the abstract principles I’d worked with for about ten years into a book with

What’s Different About The Bill Book #1?

Most time management books (in fact, all the ones I have read) offer one-size fits all solutions to their readers. The author has clearly found a set of habits, practices and rituals that work for him/her, and their book offers