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Interview – Podcast with Penny Zenker

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Dr. Melanie Wilson interview on SkedPal [podcast]

I sat down a few days ago to have an in-depth chat with Dr. Melanie Wilson about the different ways we are using SkedPal. It was a fascinating conversation that really just scratched the surface of what we have discovered

Interview with Michael Einstein

Recently I interviewed Dr. Michael Einstein via podcast on the topic of email overload. Specifically, we looked at what must be done to manage all the different channels of information we have access to, plus all those that are likely

46. Interview with Josh Lyman

Josh Lyman is an active member and thought leader over at the Information Overload Research Group. He spent some time updating us on what took place at the 2014 conference in San Francisco, in this podcast from 2Time Labs. Click

45. New Thinking on Time Demands

In the middle of writing my new book – Perfect Time-Based Productivity – I had a problem – the model I use for describing time demands wasn’t robust enough to describe the role that time demands play in our lives.

Podcast 44 – Jeremy Burrus Interview

Jeremy Burrus is an researcher who did an important study at a private high school in New Jersey on the way that teenagers develop time management skills. Tune in to listen to this interesting episode in which we both wonder

Podcast 43 – Pat Brans of Master the Moment

Recently, I hosted Pat Brans on the 2Time Labs podcast. He’s the author of Master the Moment and also a columnist for Forbes magazine. During the interview, discussed his research conducted with over 50 CEO’s, specifically looking at their time

Podcast 42 – Maura Thomas Interview on Attention Management

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Maura Thomas – author of Personal Productivity Secrets. She focuses on Attention Management, which has to do with cutting out distractions and the overwhelm of information overload in order to get control of

Podcast 41 – Interview with Julie Dirksen of Usable Learning

The way adults learn is critical to know if you are serious about improving your time-based productivity skills. Most professionals are self-taught – they learn to manage their time by trial and error. Rarely do they take advantage of the