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Implementing Strategy? Try Holding Meetingless Meetings

What should executives do about their strategy execution problems? Here’s a simple idea: schedule time to execute strategy with Meetingless Meetings. The idea is a simple one. After leaving a strategic planning retreat and assigning each project to an individual,

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Why People Who Live Next Are Never On Time

If you have ever lived near to work, school or church you may know the truth: people who live in close proximity to the workplace regularly are often late. It defies common sense. Why would those who travel an hour

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Who manages their time better – women or men? – Infographic

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Mature Students in College – Time Management Skills – Infographic

This is my first post in a while – I have been pretty busy, hence the hiatus. I am far better at creating content than spreading it to the right places. I am pretty good however, at coming up with

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Guest post – How the Already Productive Make Improvements

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the Psychowith6 blog, courtesy of its author Dr. Melanie Wilson. It addresses the need to understand your time management biography as a first step to making improvements as someone who isn’t

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Podcast 44 – Jeremy Burrus Interview

Jeremy Burrus is an researcher who did an important study at a private high school in New Jersey on the way that teenagers develop time management skills. Tune in to listen to this interesting episode in which we both wonder

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I Have a Dream… for Time Management Learning

Recently, I got inspired by a picture that only exists in my mind’s eye – a new way to learn time management skills and solve problems in personal productivity. It came in a conversation with a friend of mine who

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A Podcast Interview with Tony Murphy

I recently interviewed Tony Murphy on the 2Time Labs podcast on the technique he uses to perform skillful diagnostics while working with trainees and clients. Tony is the founder of Time Intelligence, and also another member of InnerLab3 – our

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How to Deal with Other People’s Weak Time Management Skills

At a recent Project Management Institute Conference in Trinidad and Tobago I gave a speech entitled: How to Lead a Project Team with Suspect Time Management Skills. The speech ran for an hour and included a number of resources that

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A Discussion on the Power of Diagnosis

In The Bill Book, the protagonist makes a quantum leap when one of his mentors, G, comes up with a way to help him diagnose his skills (and that of his project team members.) It’s the start of real, sustainable

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