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When Your Company is a Time Glutton

A recent article from management consultants McKinsey & Co makes a powerful case that executives aren’t managing their time well, but adds that it’s not their fault as individuals. Instead, they have allowed their organisations to consume time as if

Scheduling a Great Life

While it’s commonly known that superior results require an investment of time, very few professionals go the next step and actually block out the hours in their schedule to produce these results. Instead, setting a vague intention is often felt

Why You Should Start the Year with an Empty Inbox

Based on recent research, there’s a good reason to be particular about the way you manage your email. Most people think it’s as easy as finding a single method and sticking to it, but that turns out to be a

The Problem of Being Too Productive

When you are someone who is already more productive than most people you know, how can you still make improvements? At first it may seem to be an easy question to answer: just browse the Internet, pick out a bunch

10 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Email Inbox Like a Kitchen Sink

How to Use Time to Bring in a Big Project

In order to complete a big project successfully, sometimes we have to vary the way we manage our time demands. Writing a book is a great example as the last few weeks have been hectic – I spent way more

Even Better Habit Changing

One of the challenges most people have when they read and start to apply Perfect Time-Based Productivity is changing their behaviors. They may have the followed all the right steps and have a perfect plan mapped out in small steps.

Why We Need Better Evaluation Tools

Recently, a brainstorming session here at 2Time Labs revealed that at the heart of the processes created for learners is a single set of four steps. Together, they make up the acronym E-TaPS. E stands for “Evaluating”, which is always

The New Alpha Efficiency Magazine

I just read the Platinum issue of an interesting new magazine now available on iTunes: the Alpha Efficiency magazine. The first issue focuses on the key skill of what they call “Collecting” which is very similar to what we call