015 Creating Your Ideal Workspace – ProductivityCast

By Ray Sidney-Smith

Where do you work best? And for what type of work (focused thinking work, diffuse thinking work, mundane/ministerial tasks, big

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014 Productivity and the Need for Speed – ProductivityCast

By Ray Sidney-Smith

Is doing more faster really better? When is slow good for productivity? That’s what the ProductivityCast team seeks to find

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013 Getting Unstuck! – ProductivityCast

By Ray Sidney-Smith

Have you ever gotten stuck? Are you stuck right now? How do you get unstuck? Well, getting unstuck is tough,

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Past Podcasts

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Fri, Dec 15, 2017
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Tue, Nov 28, 2017
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The Evaluations Learners Complete in My Book/Training

If you are no stranger to my book, you probably know that I use the ETaPS method shown in the diagram below.

Recently, I put together a graphic showing all the evaluations from Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Here is an example of the output which a single person can generate.

Of course, this is just the first step, and someone can’t possibly complete this chart effectively without being trained. This is the purpose of my live program, book and online training.

The method I use is simple. I teach a few distinctions surrounding 11 Fundamentals and then coach trainees how to complete the form, one step at a time.

In the new edition which I am currently writing, I also identify 2 “Executables”: Habiting and Flowing. While both were mentioned in the current edition, there were no details provided on the latter. That’s all about the change in a matter of weeks.

Now, you can get an idea of what the Flowing Executable. Check out the interactive simulation on the sales page for my MyTimeDesign online program.

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Why Superpowers Are the Purpose of My Books

Ever since 2007, when I relaunched my efforts to improve time-based productivity, I have wanted to deliver more than tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

Instead, I argued that people need to learn how to improve their current system. After all, without this skill, all the tips, tricks and shortcuts would prove to be temporary and ultimately useless.

The name for this approach is a bit fancy: meta-learning. Instead of teaching people a particular lesson, the instructor focuses on teaching people how to learn. That has been my mission from the very beginning, even when I didn’t have names for the ideas I was writing about or, as is the case here, the destination I had in mind.

Check out this new article which describes the “Superpowers you need to survive improvement fatigue.” If you are also on Medium, take a moment to recommend the article so that others can find it when they are searching.



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How to Overcome a Failure to Schedule Everything

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity I described a Green Belt as someone who scheduled all their tasks.

Well, now there’s an upgrade to that advice, a fact that I plan to include in a new edition available later this year. You can read about it here:

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A school for scheduling everything

This is a bit of a heads up. 2Time Labs is launching something new – Schedule U.

And yes, it’s a school to help people who want to schedule everything!

At the moment, there’s not much to see, but you can sign up for early notification at http://ScheduleU.org

As the first school of its kind we’ll be breaking new ground, which has made us very busy putting in stuff behind the scenes that will positively impact the way you use your calendar.

Stay tuned… by visiting the temporary page and adding your email address.


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Update on Writing a New Edition

It’s time to get to work on crafting an updated version of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Reason 1 – No longer following my own advice
Shortly after my book was published in November 2014, I learned about SkedPal from a colleague. While I had heard of it before, her testimonial in the form of a blog post led me to download and try it.

It didn’t take long to revamp my daily practice, making the new program a cornerstone. Since then it’s undergone two major revisions, making improvements at each step of the way.

It’s hard to remember what I was doing before it was created, and when I start editing my book I guess I will find out for myself. At this point, I have mentioned SkedPal in hundreds of places on the internet – everywhere, it seems, apart from the pages in my book.

Reason 2 – Using the latest thinking, tools and techniques
I have always wanted the book to reflect the latest academic research, standing as a unique resource that curates all prior thinking. I was quite happy in late 2014 with the product – I had done my job. Then, a few months later, I wasn’t. The goalposts had moved and suddenly there were new practices, tools and theories to contend with.

This is certainly true in the case of Scheduling, but also in other fundamentals such as Interrupting and Warning. Also, gamification is now a much bigger reality in task management and time tracking. The new edition needs to incorporate these new realities.

Reason 3 – To include my latest writing
While I was writing my book I knew that I was leaving some gaps behind. A major one happened to be the notion that “time cannot be managed.” While this is a cornerstone idea, I never spent any effort to prove it.

Earlier this year, I released a 30,000 word Special Report that addressed this question in a depth I have never seen before. It’s a great example of content I have created in the past two short years that needs to be referenced in the book.

So I plan to start writing over the holidays. If you have already bought the Kindle book from Amazon, there’s no need to lift a finger. The updates will come to you automatically. I hope to also write a brief update once I’m done so that readers of the current book will know where to focus their attention.

Thanks for supporting the work I am doing!

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Can Time Be Managed?


In my books, I have raised the following questions: Can Time Be Managed? Does Time Management Exist? Is the Phrase “Time Management” a Misnomer?

These are more than esoteric issues.

Each year, people invest millions of dollars, hundreds of hours and  thousands of research pages on this niche. More often than not, they ignore the question. A few acknowledge it with a wave of the hand, usually answering it with a short quote, retort or nifty replacement.

Up until now, no-one has labored to answer it.

This special, free report may be a one-of-a-kind – the first attempt to tackle the question from multiple angles, using the lens of a variety of disciplines.

Join me as I explore them all and prepare to be challenged with findings that challenge your everyday use of common words and concepts.

Download your complimentary copy below.

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