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A Mind Map of Perfect Time-Based Productivity

Eric Bouchet is no casual reader of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. He’s a French native who has a real passion for productivity. Over several weeks, he went through the book in detail and converted the concepts into a mindmap which can

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Can Time Be Managed? A Project Nears Completion

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I glossed over an assertion that’s been made by a number of notable people, including David Allen, Dr. Brigitte Claessens and Earl Nightingale. It boils down the following: Time cannot be managed, therefore time management is

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Put on Your Thinking Cap! [Guest post]

Most people arrive at their desks and the only thing scheduled in their calendars are meetings; that is, places to put their bodies.  If you are slightly more evolved in the management of your time and productivity, then along with

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Answers on Quora

I just put a post up on the 2Time Labs website with links to some interesting time-based productivity questions I have been answering on Quora – the question and answer, social website. I invite you to come on over as

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Dr. Melanie Wilson interview on SkedPal [podcast]

I sat down a few days ago to have an in-depth chat with Dr. Melanie Wilson about the different ways we are using SkedPal. It was a fascinating conversation that really just scratched the surface of what we have discovered

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Technology that Stops Meeting Time Grabbers in Their Tracks

Time Grabbers are colleagues who have found novel ways to waste your time. In this column, I explore their ability to do so via meetings that either should never have been called, or are badly run. I suggest a few

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Places online to have a time management conversation [Infographic]

I regularly visit the best forums on the Internet to find conversations related to time-based productivity. Unfortunately, they are scattered far and wide so I put the best ones together in one place on this page, right here on this

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Explaining My Absence and Why You Are Invited… to Join a Beta

I’d like to share with you a discovery I recently made and why I’d like you to join me in a private Beta Test. Some may have noticed that I have disappeared, dropping from my regular routine of updating my

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Implementing Strategy? Try Holding Meetingless Meetings

What should executives do about their strategy execution problems? Here’s a simple idea: schedule time to execute strategy with Meetingless Meetings. The idea is a simple one. After leaving a strategic planning retreat and assigning each project to an individual,

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Optimizing Your Time… What’s the Best Way?

Recently, over at the 2Time Labs blog, I wrote an article about optimizing your time. It’s an interesting read and it’s gotten a bit of traffic – if you have already¬†completed the book it may explain a few of the

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