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A Beta Community

It’s time to build a community. This one is planned to be in Beta from March to April. If you are interested in helping me with the play/test, let me know.

How to Not Lose Track of Productivity During the Holidays


Interview – Podcast with Penny Zenker

Notes from a Leadership Summit

I recently spoke at leadership Summit held online and one of the participants kinds put together an awesome infographic. Awesome stuff!

Update on the Second Edition

I have good news! The second edition of Perfect Time-Based Productivity has just been released via Kindle. I expect that it will be made available in other media/languages according to the following schedule: Jan 31st: Print version Mid-Feb: Audio version

Past Podcasts

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The Evaluations Learners Complete in My Book/Training

If you are no stranger to my book, you probably know that I use the ETaPS method shown in the diagram below. Recently, I put together a graphic showing all the evaluationsĀ from Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Here is an example of

Why Superpowers Are the Purpose of My Books

Ever since 2007, when I relaunched my efforts to improve time-based productivity, I have wanted to deliver more thanĀ tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Instead, I argued that people need to learn how to improve their current system. After all, without this

How to Overcome a Failure to Schedule Everything

In Perfect Time-Based Productivity I described a Green Belt as someone who scheduled all their tasks. Well, now there’s an upgrade to that advice, a fact that I plan to include in a new edition available later this year. You

A school for scheduling everything

This is a bit of a heads up. 2Time Labs is launching something new – Schedule U. And yes, it’s a school to help people who want to schedule everything! At the moment, there’s not much to see, but you