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Based on Time Management 2.0 Principles


>A Note from Francis: "Register today to gain a snapshot of your current time management system."

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  1. Yes, I'm ready to gain a new understanding of my system via the 11 Fundamentals of Time Management including Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling, Listing, Switching, Interrupting, Warning and Reviewing.

  2. Yes, I acknowledge that there are over 80 multiple-choice questions to be answered.

  3. Yes, I understand that I'll end the assessment with a profile of my skills in the 11 Fundamentals.

  4. Yes,  I agree to manually track my results at the completion of each assessment.

  5. Yes, I know that that this assessment is not a substitute for the in-depth knowledge that I need to undertake a full self-assessment.

  6. Yes, I understand that if I am not satisfied, that Framework Consulting Inc. will refund the entire fee without question within five days of registration, and that all I need to do is ask.

  7. Yes, give me access to the MyTimeDesign assessment at the introductory price of $7.29.
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